Bioidentical to Ubiquinol

  • 100% identical to the Ubiquinol naturally made in the body.
  • Ubiquinol by Kaneka is the first commercially available, stable to oxidation Ubiquinol.
  • For use in efficient product formulations.

Introducing Kaneka Ubiquinol™ - the truly bioidentical and naturally biological active form of coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10).

Unlike other forms of CoQ10, Kaneka Ubiquinol™ is identical to the organic molecule produced by our bodies in its active antioxidant form, making it highly bioavailable, bioactive and effective.

This breakthrough product is the first commercially available Ubiquinol supplement, backed by the highest quality standards and rigorous testing.

Its stability and resistance to oxidation ensures consumers get the full benefits from every dose. Whether your customers are looking to boost their energy levels, support their cardiovascular health, or promote their overall well-being, Ubiquinol is the ideal choice.

With Kaneka, customers can experience the superior performance of Ubiquinol in efficient and effective food supplement formulations.